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The World’s First Liquid Market for Biochar

About CHAR by Toucan

The Biochar (CHAR) carbon pool bundles TCO2 tokens representing biochar projects from It serves as an efficient, automated broker, available 24/7 to individuals and entities worldwide. For distributors (marketplaces, brokers, etc.), it offers a “warehouse” of supply to access with no upfront costs and no inventory risks. On the supply side, it offers project developers an efficient mechanism to monetize their CORCs with a clear market price.


The CHAR pool operates with a selective allowlist of biochar projects certified under the standard. The allowlist is reviewed and updated regularly, to ensure only qualified TCO2 tokens are deposited.

Pool Health Adjustment

To promote pool diversification, users may incur a dynamically-calculated pool health adjustment fee. This adjustment is calculated as a percentage and based on the pool’s post-transaction project composition. On deposits, the pool health adjustment fee rate that a user pays increases as the depositing project’s composition within the pool rises. On redeems, the rate increases as the redeeming project’s composition falls. Pool health adjustment fees are collected in the pool token, CHAR.

Due Diligence

All projects accepted into the Biochar pool have undergone thorough due diligence. This process goes beyond’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and aims to increase transparency and reduce risks without assigning ratings. It is important to note that projects not included in our pool are not considered inferior; they may not have been reviewed or failed to provide all the necessary information for our confidence. Through our reports, we share insights and learnings from the complex biochar market to support informed decision-making. You can find due diligence reports linked directly from CHAR-compatible project pages.

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